Guatemala 2019

I was recently in Guatemala, visiting my half brother Tom and nephew Hunter, who is now two and a half. After having my bag nicked in Brussels in January (grrr), I chose to travel light this time. Just really didn’t want to have valuable equipment with me to worry about, especially as this was a short trip and very much a leisure one. So, I left my digital cameras and laptop at home.

Of course I had cameras with me, I just went old school, with my old Nikon film camera and a big bag of film. It was wonderful to get back to the magic and mystery of making photos with that enforced delay of not knowing quite what you’ve created until you get the film back from the lab. It really reminded me of why I started doing this and felt like I was going back to the bare bones of it. And also really kept me present in the moment, with no temptation to upload and edit my work as I went along.

So here they are - some pics from my trip made the old-fashioned way.