Holland Park

Libby & Tim - wintry pre-wedding portraits in Holland Park

I offer my wedding couples a complimentary pre-wedding portrait session. I love these sessions! 

They offer a brilliant way for the three of us to get to know each other before the wedding.  They tend to be fun; there’s lots of chatting and laughing amidst the photography, and by the end of the session we’re firm friends.  

That way, when it comes to the wedding, I’m far from a stranger showing up with my camera. 

Importantly, it’s also a chance for the couple to get used to the camera and to being photographed by me.  

Not many of us have a lot of experience of being photographed, apart from in casual scenarios such as parties or gatherings (such as other people’s weddings). And although I photograph most of the wedding in a candid documentary style, the portrait session with the bride and groom is an important part too.  

The pre-wedding session shows the couple that it’s nothing to be nervous about! 

Enjoy the photos of Libby and Tim in Holland Park.  

Why not book a portrait session with your significant other? You don’t have to be getting married (maybe you already are!) - Get in touch for prices or more info.