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SJ & Alec's East London wedding

SJ & Alec's East London wedding

So SJ and Alec got hitched on Thursday. It was probably the most well-attended mid-week wedding I’ve seen; their friends and family packed out the Council Chamber at Stoke Newington Town Hall. It’s clear to see that everyone is bursting with love for these two - and nobody was going to let work get in the way of celebrating their nuptials!

Tim and Cash part 2! St Paul's wedding reception

Tim and Cash part 2! St Paul's wedding reception

These two had the excellent idea of holding their wedding celebrations over two days. Double the fun!

For their reception, they chose Byward Kitchen and Bar in St Paul’s, which has a fabulous secret garden, nestled between All Hallows church and all the tourist bustle of the Tower of London.

Libby & Tim - wintry pre-wedding portraits in Holland Park

I offer my wedding couples a complimentary pre-wedding portrait session. I love these sessions! 

They offer a brilliant way for the three of us to get to know each other before the wedding.  They tend to be fun; there’s lots of chatting and laughing amidst the photography, and by the end of the session we’re firm friends.  

That way, when it comes to the wedding, I’m far from a stranger showing up with my camera. 

Importantly, it’s also a chance for the couple to get used to the camera and to being photographed by me.  

Not many of us have a lot of experience of being photographed, apart from in casual scenarios such as parties or gatherings (such as other people’s weddings). And although I photograph most of the wedding in a candid documentary style, the portrait session with the bride and groom is an important part too.  

The pre-wedding session shows the couple that it’s nothing to be nervous about! 

Enjoy the photos of Libby and Tim in Holland Park.  

Why not book a portrait session with your significant other? You don’t have to be getting married (maybe you already are!) - Get in touch for prices or more info.