Hey! If you’ve got this far, chances are you want a photographer you can feel at ease with, who’s going to get along with your mum and your besties, and capture all the good bits naturally without too much ado. And none of that uber cheesy posing or eye gazing. (If you don’t look at each other like that in real life, why would you want a photo of it? I don’t know either!)

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. Throughout most of your wedding day I’m mingling with you and your guests with my creative documentary hat on; Capturing events as they unfold and throwing in a bit of direction where it counts, so that I can give you the coolest set of wedding pics possible.


Your wedding day is a story featuring different locations, details, characters, actions and moods.

The morning part, getting made up and dressed with close friends and parents, can be intimate and emotional, while also full of excitement and laughter.

Then there’s the atmosphere of anticipation at the ceremony venue before proceedings begin, and the ceremony itself. Full of sweet moments, both planned and unscripted.

After a few family group portraits (it keeps the nans happy) we’ll escape to do some portraits - those special first moments with you as newlyweds.

Rather than cajole you into unnatural poses, I seek out beautiful light and simple backgrounds. I love to frame my couples with architectural elements and/or the natural environment (according to what’s available!). I’ll give you some direction as a starting point (and so you know what to do with your hands) and then let your interactions unfold, resulting in natural-feeling portraits that capture the connection you share.


Then back to mingle with your mates and loved ones to make merry and eat.

At some point the mood quietens again with the emotion of the speeches (I’m a massive softy and almost always well up a bit here).

Then finally the raucous, intergenerational dancing with everyone on the natural high that comes from spending a whole day celebrating love (told you I was a softy!)

Like the sound of this? Get in touch to tell me more and get your date booked in!